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PMS concepts in system improvements and process integration has four major phases as shown.

Phase 1: Appraise – Make detailed study of organization’s existing systems.
- This phase of the service includes detailed study of existing systems in all departments/ functions of the organization.
o Review of existing procedures of the organization
o Meeting and discussion with the employees
o Time and Motion Study
o Understanding requirements of various stake holders
o Collation of requirements and analysis the contribution of existing system in accomplishing these requirements
o Feedback from employees about the difficulties and suggestions
o Understating integration between various departments/ functions
- Analysis and detailed report on:
o Results of Analysis: Summary of present systems and comparison of industry standards and Benchmarking.
o Recommendations: Areas where improvements required. Basic design of new system improvements. Approximate cost of implementation of proposals.
o Benefits: What are the benefits of implementing the recommendations?
Phase 2: Design & Development
- If the company wants to proceed with the recommendations made in the Phase 1
- Development of schematic design of business improvements based on the study report(1)
- Development and implementation of prototype and testing with users
- Detailed Design of systems (customization of existing systems)
- Development of modules for different sections (Eg. Draughting, Surveying, Quantity Surveying, Estimation, Planning, Project Control, Monitoring,….)
- Testing with users and fine-tuning
- Development of a tool for integration of various departments/ functions
Phase 3: Implementation &Training
- Implementation of the developed systems in Phase 2
- On-site training for different sections.
- Administration training.
- Monitoring and updating of implemented systems
Phase 4: Handing over & Sustain
- On-site and online support
- System handing over
- Manage and maintain systems


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