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PMS provides solutions for real-time analysis and reporting systems by utilizing existing systems and databases.
For example, actual costs and target/allowable costs are calculated every minute and results are displayed on dashboards. A real-time Cost Performance Index(CPI) profile is as shown below.

Intelligent Project Analysis and Control System or iPACS is a software system that analyzes running projects to identify its cost performance and schedule performance precisely by utilizing the present planning and timesheet databases. iPACS is designed without using additional input other than the existing databases which consist of activity schedule data, labour and plant timesheets, cost codes, bill-of-quantities and task targets. iPACS calculates actual labour productivity and plant productivity of each task with histograms to compare easily against the target productivity. Day to day activities are monitored precisely with target productivity and thus iPACS is able to identify work-wise cost benefit and distributional effect of labour and plant on different activities as fast like stock exchange monitoring system. Its summary graphical reports are very small but tell a lot and focus on the points currently important. Its dashboard is able to work over the internet and thus allows to monitor the project anywhere from the world. iPACS will automatically generate weekly emails to the project associates with summary graphical report. In short iPACS will act as an entire project management assistant to complete the project most efficiently to achieve maximum profit. Precise cost monitoring is very much demanded especially in the years ahead after the financial crisis.
Actual progress and planned progress are compared and displayed as Schedule Performance Index(SPI) profile as shown below.

Activity status indicators, progress bars and CPI/SPI indices are displayed on dashboards

iPACS not uses any manual input or manual calculations, everything controlled and processed by a central server by pulling data from different entry points. Whereas the present conventional method gives, schedule analysis or costing reports after weeks due to time required to collect data from various departments and do calculations. Mostly, by the time the ongoing task will be finished. Since iPACS shows real-time status; in case of worst reports (red stars), one can dig down to find details and to take proper action on the task. In short, worst scenes will not report suddenly after some time gap in iPACS dashboard, it will show the trend instantaneously as it evolves.
Various productivity profiles at activity or resource levels are also displayed.


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