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PMS is equipped with various solutions for planning and monitoring phases. Project Management Dashboard(PMDB) provides a single dashboard to visually analyze the various project metrics like performance curves, Cost performance index, Schedule performance Index, Variation profile etc. PMDB generates various types of tabular and graphical reports which can be standard or customized.
Variation profile is key differentiator of PMDB. Variation profile is the graphical representation of the various changes made to the schedule which is a major concern of the management.

Some typical changes are:
- Activities that have been added or deleted
- Adding or deleting resources
- Added, deleted or changed relationships
- Changes to original and remaining durations
- Changes to constraint types, percents complete, total and free floats
- Changes to descriptions
- Changes to activity logs
- Changes to actual starts and finishes
- Changes to activity codes and WBS changes etc.
- Changes to resource percents etc.

Modules were designed and implemented for planning & scheduling in Primavera software which will assist planners to plan their projects much faster and accurate than ever before.
Our Solutions for progress monitoring are fully or semi-automatic.

Site progress reported by an engineer will update in QS section which is linked to the planning system- Primavera. This will enable the automatic progress calculation of Primavera activities. Or in other words, a planner will get alerted the progress of activities in his system so that he can concentrate on his job rather than collecting information from others to update activities.

For example, company resource groups for different activities are coded to retrieve the resources in primavera based on the productivity and the quantity of the activity to perform. This will enable automatic loading of the resources on activities which will save lot of time with greater accuracy at the planning stage.


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