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PMS has different packages for 2D and 3D visual monitoring systems like Consim, Introuter, GPA, etc…

Consim generates 3D project progress visualization for project stake holders like contractors and property owners. Using state of the art technology, Consim produces 3D simulations of planned and actual project progress for any day thereby giving user instant comprehension of the pace of the project.

Introuter is an On Demand service to visualize your multi storey building project progress as an elevation rendering. Introuter can also used in the initial stages of a project where only an architect’s elevation and primary planning schedule is available. Intelligent histograms are a special feature of Introuter which generates progress bars which complements the simulations and also displays the progress of activities that are not visible in the simulation.

Graphical Progress Analyzer enables project participants to analyze the project progress by providing them a familiar interface of construction drawings with powerful project management systems integration. GPA is also used by construction companies to educate the schedule to the team members.

General Features

Visualize the project in various planning stages. GPA enables the team members to understand the sequence of activities in different areas. GPA can be used to validate the logic of the sequence.

Visualize the current status of the project illustrating the activities in different color codes based on their progress status i.e. completed, pending, delayed or progressing. Regular GPA users will be more aware of the project performance at the activity level than the Non-GPA users who stick to the conventional reports.

Visualize the “As-built” project status for any past date. Past project status generated by GPA can be used to explain claim related issues. New project members can use them to understand the project execution till the current date.

Visualize the Look-Ahead status for any future date with respect to the current pace of the project. GPA highlights the critical activities thereby enabling the users to focus on them and take the necessary acceleration measures.


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